About Us


With the migration of Armenians from their historic lands during the early 20th century, the Social Democrat Hunchak Party embarked on inaugurating patriotic, educational and spiritual institutions around the world. Among this endeavor, Hunchakian youth were keen in establishing an athletic organization in order to keep a strong patriotic presence in the Armenian youth.  Thus, on January 27, 1921, the Armenian Athletic Association was founded as the first athletic organization in the Armenian community. The inaugural chapter of the organization was the "Homenmen Ararad" chapter of Aleppo Syria.  

    In due course, “Homenmen" chapters were established in all the major cities and minor towns of the Syrian, Lebanese regions, most notably in Damascus, Beirut, Zahle, Jouni, and Jerusalem and as far as Montpelier, France, and Montevideo, Uruguay. Activities of these chapters have included but are not limited to Soccer, Basketball, Cycling, Tennis, Table Tennis, Swimming, Volleyball, Skiing, Track and Field, Martial Arts, Scouting as well as non athletic activities such as dance, drama, and musical lessons. At present the Armenian Athletic Association has chapters in six continents, with a membership numbering in the tens of thousands. 


To foster an environment through athletics where both Armenian and non-Armenian youth can cultivate on each others strengths and develop the essential characteristics required in formulating strong successful individuals.  Homenmen strives to introduce and inflame the “Armenian Identity” in both its members as well as the communities it serves. 

What is “Homenmen”

The terms “Homenmen”, “Armenian Athletic Association”, and “HMM” are used interchangeably.  The official name of the organization in Armenian is “Hye Marmnamarzakan Myutioun” which translates to “Armenian Athletic Association” and abbreviates to “AAA” in English or “HMM” in Armenian.  Each letter in the Armenian language has its own unique name.  The letter ‘H’ is called “Ho” and the letter ‘M’ is called “Men”, which yields to the abbreviation “HMM” being pronounced as “HoMenMen”.